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  • Richard Romero

    Today in class we were learning such history about native Americans . When we first started a couple days back I had a feeling my teacher will eventually bring you up on class, and it really happen I was excited to see people learning about your cause and your paintings about the native Americans. I’ve been too Chicago to check out your paintings. But back to the topic , I think you should do high school visits to speak out and show a bigger message about the native Americans.

  • Gary Beyer

    Saw your exhibit at the Field Museum. I’m an environmental geologist and really.appreciate your efforts to bring awareness to environmental crimes in such a colorful way.

  • Sarah

    I walked into your exhibit at the Field Museum because the colorful art caught my eye…I left with a heavy heart and the profound need to educate myself further when it comes to the Native people. Thank you, Bunky! Awesome, eye opening exhibit!!

  • enjoyed your exhibit tremendously. Many thanks.

    • Thank you very much!! It was quite an honor to collaborate with the amazing staff at The Field Museum.